Orthomolecular Health Index

 The Orthomolecular Health Index

 The Orthomolecular Nutrition is the natural medicine of the 21st century. 5 Through the foundation has established as essential for mental and physical health of the whole body can determine with a high degree of precision health problems and act preventively and therapeutically. To do this it uses the particular diagnostic Orthomolecular Orthomolecular methods, such as questionnaires. Through them, our scientific team has selected the most important questions and has designed a simple but fairly comprehensive questionnaire called "Orthomolecular Health Index". So each person, very quickly and at first level can determine how healthy it really is, often long before the underlying pathological symptoms progress to severe clinical pathology. The most detailed orthomolecular questionnaires used by trained and certified consultants of Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine for more complex health problems.

How to fill in the questionnaire

 The chronic lack of orthomolecular nutrients and cell intoxication sooner or later result in the gradual collapse of the body, tissues and organs. Begin to appear abnormal psychosomatic symptoms occur but always through the 5 foundations of Orthomolecular Nutrition. Depending on the duration and intensity to the symptoms are rated from 1 to 3. For example let's take the first group of symptoms in the foundation of inflammation. Joint pain, muscle aches, cramps, stiff movements.

  • If symptoms are not permanent, not more than 2-3 times a month scores of 1.
  • If symptoms are almost permanently but not particularly hard and annoying score by 2.
  • If symptoms are permanent, intense and disturbing score by 3.

It is understood that if we have no symptoms scores in the appropriate box.



Joint pain, muscle aches, cramps, stiff movements.


Eczema, psoriasis, skin diseases in general. 



Diarrheal syndrome, constipation, spastic colitis. 


Sourness or heartburn, bloating, gas.



Headaches or migraines.


Feeling of weakness or faintness. 



Hair loss, dry or oily hair, premature graying of hair.


Colds, viruses and infections.



Decreased desire for sex or ability. 


Upset even when there is no serious reason.

Interpretation of the questionnaire.

From 0-10. Congratulations. Belong to 10% of the general population who are perfectly healthy. But to remain so, especially if there is any foundation in severe pathological symptoms you are advised to take a daily one of Orthomolecular combinations prevention for full coverage of the organization.

From 11-20. Belong to 60% -70% of the population and if you do not yet have a diagnosis by a health problem but surely your body has begun to collapse. To avoid a worsening of your symptoms is advisable to begin immediately to take one of the Orthomolecular combinations prevention. We also advise you to Orthomolecular detoxification and configure your gastrointestinal system especially if there are severe symptoms of this foundation.

From 21-30. Belong to 30% -40% of the population either gets some medicine for a health problem or regularly visiting doctors and hospitals. We advise to book appointments directly and visit a certified Orthomolecular Nutrition Consultant to start upgrading their precious health.


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