The myth of the disease

 The myth of the disease



One of the biggest myths ever woven around human existence is the myth of disease. In reality there are no "illnesses, but only levels of health". If we consider 0 as the total lack of health, which is death, and 100 as the perfect health, which is the body's ability to constantly renew all of its cells - the immortality of the body - all levels between these two extremes depend on the choices we make in our diet and our lifestyle. Science has proven that the way cells are divided should, if all our choices were right, result in living, in relatively good health, up to 150 years. In many and various ways man has managed to reduce this lifetime by almost half, making low quality choices, accompanied by diseases, visits to doctors and use of medicines.

In order to enable a person to make the right choices, and thus promote its physical health, we should simultaneously assure the health of its "mind", i.e. its spiritual uplift. On the other hand, the physical prostration prevents spiritual uplift, creating a vicious cycle of psychosomatic decay, which leads the human species, with mathematic precision, to extinction.       

This interactive relation was fully perceived by the giants of the ancient Greek culture and was expressed as "healthy Mind in a healthy Body". The darkness that followed the destruction of the philosophical schools of ancient Greece, which in various forms continues until today, has resulted in the corruption of Mind through misinformation, dogmatism and ignorance, and in the corruption of body through the wrong diet and lifestyle.

Modern man has either abandoned the spirit, considering it "non-scientific" and "superstition" and the logical and scientific observation as its only "God", or on the other end, he believes only in "Beyond" and in the spirit, considering that with logic is not able to understand what senses do not capture. Βoth cases are ruled over by darkness, because both are wrong. The spirit "captures" and "assumes" through "inspiration", while logic confirms through scientific observation. Both are necessary and should be combined in order to balance human existence.

One of the best examples of the application of this combination was Socrates, who considered ignorance as the only sin and knowledge as the noly virtue, while, before doing anything, he used to consult his "daemon", that is to say his spirit. Without balance in this combination, man is driven to either unscientific religious fanaticism, dogmatism and sterility of cultural development or to scientific fanaticism and dogmatism, ending up a "victim" of his own inventions. But through this "divine" combination man is actually becoming a "scientist", with the ancient meaning of this word.



Modern view of human existence is indeed highly unscientific and illogical. Conventionally, when someone is declared "sick" it means that this is the "diagnosis" of the doctor or this is what "tests" have shown. However, what they describe is not a static state, but a series of annoyances, pain, lack of energy and other symptoms, which indicates that the ravages of his organism through the course of everyday living is so huge, that they have started to come into the knowledge of the "patient" and of the therapist. This does not mean that the ravege did not exist before he visits the doctor or that it will not continue afterwards. Also, the lack of symptoms - which may not have been yet realised by the person - does not mean that there is no ravage. Examples are the "sudden" death as a result of heart failure and cancer. In both cases the process took more than 10 years of progression into what we conventionally say "you have heart desease" or "you have cancer".

Especially cancer, which now affects 1 in every 4 people and the Macmillan Cancer Centre of London estimates that in the early 21st century cancer will affect 1 in 2 persons, it is known that cannot be cured. Not because the right "medicine" has not been found yet, but because it is not a disease - it is a "state of disease". We all produce everyday cancer cells, which a nutritionally healthy organism eliminates by its immune system, as it does with all other germs and viruses.

However, when the immune system is weakened,  cancer cells spread, creating their own blood supply system and metastasizes through the course of time. Then, at a certain point of time it is announced to the person that he "has cancer." However, the procedure had started long before the "diagnosis" and will continue after it, if the factors that led to this morbid condition will not be radically treated.

The "labels" that are given to the symptoms calling them "diseases" suit pharmaceutical companies, which in order to get authorization for a drug must show that there is a "disease" which the drug "cures". It is also convenient for doctors in order to make the "diagnosis" and to promote the drug. However, this is not convenient for the person, who lives under the illusion that "everything is well" until  they tell him the opposite, thus continuing his lifestyle, which increases the damage of the body. Furthermore, the medication covers the symptoms and the opportunity to explore in depth their real causes is lost, and the symptoms continue to aggravate. We must also note the fact that all drugs have side effects and are toxic, thus weakening even further an already exhausted organism.

If drugs "cure" anything, then the billions of pills people are taking every year, along with tons of antibiotics, would have eliminated all diseases from the face of the Earth. But, in fact, what is happening is exactly the opposite. Even conventional scientists today recognize that we have entered now in the "post - antibiotic" era, where the "super-viruses" created by the senseless use of antibiotics will not be possible to eliminate. The person will likely die of infection when being into hospital for a simple appendicitis surgery.

While the conventional medicine is trying to kill the bacteria and viruses, considering them responsible for the "diseases", forgets that they are more numerous than the same cells in the body and that into the colon alone there are more that 2 kilos of germs. Leterally "we live into the germs" and not the ooopsite. They, however, fulfill a purpose and affect the organism only "occasionally" and when it is already weakened. As, indeed, Pasteur said, "Germs are nothing, the field is everything", meaning as a field the human body.



The Science of Orthomolecular Nutrition has shown that now we have the means and the knowledge to prevent and cure almost any disease by natural means. Examining how we got into this situation of "epidemic" of degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and other diseases and what can be done to tackle them, we will consider briefly the "mystery" called "stress." Because stress is the main cause of almost all diseases, namely the continuous aggravation of the organism. At the end of this article we hope we will have made clear to our readers not only why these aggravations have increased significantly nowadays, but also how to deal with them effectively.



The human body is made to perform three basic functions: the repair and renewal of its cells, the production of energy for its needs and its protection from pathogens. During the millions of years of evolution through the process of "trial and error", the body has chosen few specific elements to fulfill this mission. These elements are organic compounds, typically of carbon with hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sometimes phosphorus and sulfur. These elements, in combination with specific minerals and trace elements, such as zinc, chromium, vanadium, magnesium, iron, manganese and the addition of water and oxygen, produce all the cells, hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes, meaning all  biochemical data we perceive as "Life".

Man takes all these elements from the food he eats, the water he drinks and the oxygen he breathes. Along with proper exercise and healthy mentality of a cultured Mind are the only five items he needs in order to live in high psychosomatic health and well-being up to an old age, without suffering from diseases. All these five factors are necessary because are are interrelated and complementary to each other.

It seems though, as we will examine below, that in all these five factors modern man commits significant mistakes. The price he pays for this is not only the psychosomatic epidemics that plague him, but also a general social misery. If man, as a social unit, suffers, then the whole society will suffer too. Crimimality, antisocial behavior, psychopathies, addiction to drugs, wars and corruption are, no exaggeration to say, the result of wrong choices made at these factors, meaning in its nutrition, lifestyle and culture . As the psalm says: "Sick in body, sick in soul".




Today, nutritionists believe that the reason that the levels of health are so low, creating a host of symptoms, is a devastating duo. Increasing dietary deficiencies, accompanied by increased toxicity of the organism. One of the first symptoms of this condition is obesity. It has also taken on epidemic proportions today as a rising trend and is one of the myths of modern times. Obesity has nothing to do with the calories you consume, but with the health of the body and how it uses the calories it gets. But how was this duo and what are the effects?

It is known how it was created. The industrial revolution of the last 150 years has created the colossal cities with populations and need to be fed with increasing amounts of food at ever lower costs for financial reasons. Hence, the methods of "intensive" farming and livestock aiming for continuous growth of production. The result was to leave the ecosystem "off balance" by showing the effects of failed crops and diseased animals.

So the man was forced to use toxic chemicals and fertilizers on farmlands and sprayings antibiotics and steroid hormones in livestock, to keep increasing production. So modern intensive farming and animal husbandry is a human attempt to balance the environment with chemical means for economic reasons.

Intensive crops, apart from the chemicals they use, also exhausted the soil of many vital minerals and trace elements needed by the body. Whatever little food left was further denuded through industrial processing in which "conservative", "improvement", "delicious" and any toxic chemical captured by our imagination are added in order to increase the life of the product on the shelves and to improved its "appearance". So far man has dnded up eating an impaired nutritious diet, loaded with a toxic chemical "cocktail". The results were inevitable.

Clinical studies with 1,312 people in America showed that a large number of cancers come from the depletion of the trace element selenium in soil. Administration of 200mg selenium as a dietary supplement for 4.5 years and its increase in the blood at an amount of 67% resulted in a reduction of all types of cancer by 37%.

Professors Neil Ward of Surrey University and Herbert Bryce Smith of Reading University in Britain showed that blood concentrations of the toxic metals cadmium and lead from environmental pollution affects pregnancy, leading to miscarriage, weakness of conception and teratogenicity, giving birth to infants with mental and physical disabilities.  Neil Ward also showed that zinc deficiency, which becomes even more inadequate to the consumption of soft drinks and foods that contain (most of them) the coloring tartazini - E 102 -, leads to changes in children's behavior, agitation, hyperactivity and difficulty in learning.

The lack of vitamins B12, B6 and Folic Acid accelerate the production of homocysteine (underproduction of toxic amino acid Methionine), oxidation of cholesterol and heart disease. Without these deficiencies cholesterol is relatively harmless and unrelated to the heart. The discovery was made in the 1960's by a young physician of Harvard University of United States, Kilmer McCulley, but it took 35 years to be accepted by the establishment.

The pioneer of nutritional psychiatry Dr.Carl Pfeiffer showed that most mental illnesses, from schizophrenia and suicidal to doldrums and personality changes are due to biochemical disturbances in the body, which leads to a lack of vital elements such as zinc, molybdenum, manganese, B6 HF and increase in toxic metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium and bismuth.

The issue of the relationship between nutrition and health is enormous and impossible to cover in the limited space we have. It is advisable to avoid, wherever possible, the cultivation of conventional foods and consume organic foods which are produced using natural fertilizers and without sprayings or industrial processing. The additional costs that organic products may have is oversubscribed by avoiding of hospitals and doctors.


Many of the pathological symptoms observed today are the cause of chronic dehydration. Man does not drink as much water as he should. Instead of getting hydrated, his attemption to "drink" something in the form of soda beverage or something even worse, accelerates dehydration of the body. Water makes up 70% of the planet and 70% of the body. Water keeps the nutrients dissolved and allows for a smooth absorption by the cells, which also protects and maintains intact. Its deficiency usually goes unnoticed by the person, because when "thirsty" it is usually already late and his body is already dehydrated. Dehydration, among other things, is considered to cause ulcers, constipation, neurological disorders and countless other pathologies.

Drinking tap water also may aggravate the situation. Many toxic metals, such as aluminum, which has also been associated with the neurological disease Alzheimer, are used by the water companies for its purification. Therefore, recommended to drink 1 to 2 liters of clean  othomolecular water from TENSATM carafe  per day, in order to replenish what we lose through urine and perspiration.


Oxygen is essential for energy production in cells and without it we could not survive. The amount of oxygen, however, been in cells and need not depend on the oxygen we breathe, but by how much carbon dioxide there is in the blood. In fact, the more we breathe, the less oxygen is available for our needs. It is conventionally considered that the lungs "the more oxygen contain, the better". This has been proved a major mistake, with tragic consequences.

As we said above, we do not need oxygen in the lungs or inside our blood, but in cells, where it is used. At the beginning of the century Russian physiologist Vergio Dutch, researcher and scientist Bohr, independently of each other, they discovered the syndrome of "hyperventilation." This means that when the ratios of oxygen to carbon dioxide is greater than that of the oxygen, it remains "stuck" in the blood hemoglobin.

This way, major organs like the heart, the brain and the kidneys are deprived of oxygen and this fact causes hypertension. The hyperventilation is caused by learning to breath the wrong way since we were young children learn from - "take a few deep breaths to feel better" - the way we act, eat, sleep and talk.

All these result in large quantities of oxygen inhalation and exhalation, also large amounts of carbon dioxide dramatically changing ratios. Things are made worse by the fact that the air we breathe contains 200 times less carbon dioxide than we need and 10 times more oxygen.

The respiratory system of man has created to push air in and out, but maintaining precise ratios of oxygen/carbon dioxide. When these proportions are disrupted the body takes corrective actions to prevent us from "over-breathing". These appear as asthma, nasal problems, adenoids and "stuffy" nose. Many allergies and over 100 pathologies of heart, diabetes and obesity, ae attributed (at least partly) to the hyperventilation syndrome.



From what little we have said so far, it should be evident that the pathological symptoms, that conventional medicine insists on calling "diseases", are not mysterious, but inevitable results of psychosomatic confusion of modern man. Even the exercise, which is supposed to promote health, is not done correctly, resulting in the syndrome of "dietary exhausted athletes" and especially for those dealing with the super-sports. This occurs as continuous viral infections, degenerative diseases and premature failure of the athlete to train. Women athletes are often under hormonal imbalance and under weakness of conception.

Exercise is a condition which causes "stress." A person who play sports then, must not only be properly nourished more than the one who does not play sports, as he uses more energy, but also to breathe properly and to hydrate regularly as well. But what is the infamous "stress"?

Stress means "pressure" and indicates any stimulus -  physical, chemical, emotional or mental - which causes a physical/biochemical reaction. This reaction usually involves the whole body, but especially the adrenal glands and nervous system and prepares the person for "fight or flight", remnants from the time when men was competing with the wild animals to ensure their livelihood.

Today the threats may have changed and have the form of an employer or relations' problems, but the reactions remain the same. "Stop" of digestive functions and increase in the heart beat and in metabolism. In essence each stimulus person receives in everyday life is a kind of "pressure" or stress that causes the body's response to some extent. Why, then, it has been designated as the "primary cause" of all diseases?

One reason, perhaps, is because every body's response has a price and thus it causes damage. But this is the natural inevitability of daily living. But what is important is the ability to address these pressures effectively.

And this, as we have already examined, depends on the levels of health, which, in turn, depends on diet, lifestyle and mentality. Besides the same pressures cause different reactions in different persons. Some stress situations can send someone to the hospital, but for someone else this might be just a challenge for practicing its skills.

Therefore the perception that stress is "epidemic" and should be avoided at all costs, it seems to be conventional incoherence. After all, to avoid the stress may not even be advisable, if you think that every individual develops and progresses through "pressure" and challenges up to greater and greater achievements. Not "avoiding life".

When "experts" refer to stress as a cause of disease, this actually means - whether they know it or not - the inability of the individual to deal with it. A nutritionally intact person, along with the right mindset, physical low toxicity and high levels of health can usually deal with any "pressure" through logic, calmness, determination and mental strength, considering significant life's problems as opportunities for improvement, rather than a nightmare. Thus the labors of "the dwarfs become the toys of giants".

Hellenic Society for Orhtomolecular Nutritional Medicine, fοunded by George Minoudis, has designed, under his guidance, a training program to effectively address stress where, instead of simple "tips", will be provided the "keys" to upgrade the capacity of the individual to face increasing pressure with increasing ease.