The Myth of Diet & Orthomolecular Weight Loss

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 THE MYTH OF DIET and SLIMMING Orthomolecular  

OBESITY - The diseases of civilization

Obesity is nowadays an epidemic and is characterized by many scientists as one of the major diseases of civilization and the precursor for all other diseases. Overweight people accumulate fat mercilessly and despite efforts to lose weight with intensive weight loss programs, 98% of people gain the weight back, sometimes at higher levels than it was before.

It is estimated that in America approximately 80 million adults and young people are so obese that the extra fat represents the energy equivalent of 1.3 billion gallons of gasoline - enough energy to move 900,000 cars for one year or to produce enough electricity for all the needs of Boston Chicago, San Francisco and Washington for one year.


The prevailing view on the causes of obesity is based almost exclusively on calories. But the phenomenon of obesity appears not to be a simple equation of calories and how we spend them, and this is why:

  • metabolism differs, not only from person to person, but even the same person requires a different number of calories for basic needs, depending on the state of health at the time.
  • the same physical activities require a different number of calories every time, not only for each individual, but even for the same person!

It is proved that counting calories has no scientific basis, because how fat we get has nothing to do with how many calories we consume, but with what these calories are and how the body burns them.


What happens and the fat accumulates in the body too? Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine has the answer. The person is fattening because it has begun to sicken. The first things I noticed in an obese person are two basic malfunctions of the body. The first concerns the mechanisms of appetite and the second concerns metabolism. In short, he wants to eat constantly, while, at the same time, he cannot "burn" the received calories in the right way. With this approach intensive weight loss programs are not only useless, but also, sometimes, dangerous to health, because they derprive food from a man who, literally, can not get enough. The regulation of these functions, not only leads to smooth and permanent weight loss, but more importantly, improves the health and energy of the person. A healthy body is programmed by nature to maintain a stable weight, to feel hungry and eat only when he needs energy and nutrients, and to "burn" all the calories he gets. This means that all cells that constitute a healthy body work correctly producing all the hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes required for adjustment of the mechanisms of appetite and metabolism, i.e. the smooth energy.

So when a person wants to eat constantly getting huge amounts of energy from calories that turn into fat because you can not use them properly, this means that the cells have begun to malfunction. This is because stress, toxins and pathogenic environment have started to overload the body's defence systems, which depend solely on the thousands of organic nutrients of a balanced "biologic" diet in order to function. In the modern era, however, not only the nutritional elements are not present in sufficient quantities, due to the debilitating effects of intensive crops, but, also, the very same foods that we eat are actually "anti-foods", i.e. increasing the toxic load of the body, instead of providing the nutrients required. Thus, while the challenges of the environment today increase the body's ability to cope decreases. The bad news is twofold, and explains why the phenomenon of obesity is especially prevalent in western societies, where stress, pollution and junk foods is the daily reality.



Addressing the problem starts fighting against the causes which led in time to the cellular dysfunctions, in turn, affected the mechanisms of appetite and metabolism. These mechanisms are known in Clinical Orthomoleclar Nutrition, and here we will only briefly mention some of them.

The balance of blood sugar. One of the first systems that come out of balance is sugar homeostasis. This imbalance results in energy fluctuations  and irrepressible appetite for sweets. Many nutrients, such as chromium, zinc, B3 and C, are necessary in this case.

Stress and adrenal. The increased stress causes chronic dysfunction of the adrenal gland with large uncontrolled secretions of corticosteroids, especially cortisol, which, among other causes lead to an imbalance of blood sugar and also promote lipogennesis. Vitamin C, B5, B6, magnesium and zinc are some of the nutrients necessary in these cases.

Lack of vital Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids. Its deficiency leads to the person trying to get fat from wrong sources, such as the saturated fats in foods of animal origin. The immunity of the body with these necessary polyunsaturated fats are important for balancing the mechanism of appetite.

Food intolerance. Food intolerance is substantially delayed allergic reaction, which may take from a few hours to days to manifest itself as a pathological symptom. Any allergic reaction involves the immune system, which attacks the substance against which the reaction is manifested. This attack progresses to inflammation, resulting in tissue and organ pathology if not controlled in time.

Finally, the modern person should understand that the appearance of the body reflects above all the mentality, lifestyle and living environment. The only logical and scientifically proven way of slimming and weight control is to increase health, effectively and permanently, with specific changes in diet and lifestyle. No "magic" pill can replace this reality, it can only feed unfounded hopes for quick results without any changes in our lives.

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