Be yourself doctor in 4 weeks

 Be a doctor of yourself only in 4 weeks

It is very easy to be completely healthy by Orthomolecular Nutrition. In fact there is no other method to observe strictly the three "golden" criteria of scientific validity and reliability. Timelessness, rationale and practice with positive results. All three have been shown and mentioned in the text "Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine - the medicine of 21st century."

Here we suggest ways to implement specific process of Orthomolecular Nutrition for those who wish to become doctors of themselves in 4 weeks.

Why 4 weeks?

Plants, animals and humans have specific process bio-rhythms. Amongst the most important is the cycle of 28 days associated with the phases of the moon. It has been known since ancient times that the moon affects electromagnetic waters causing palliroies Earth. The human body is more than 70% water and is affected accordingly. It is no coincidence that the female cycle is approximately 28 days. Each Orthomolecular treatment program is tailored to these bio-rhythms because Orthomolecular Nutrition leaves nothing to chance.

Orthomolecular detoxification and regulation of gastrointestinal system.

Many companies supplements, perhaps through ignorance, suggest various products for various symptoms thus functioning as a conventional allopathic medicine. Ie "covering up" the symptom without correcting the cause. Even trying to do it without even using Orthomolecular products. This practice has substantial economic costs, it also costs the health of consumers since the causes are still perpetuated.

In Orthomolecular Nutrition we have a different philosophy. We believe that instead of sweeping then it is best to shut the faucet. We have designed specific programs detoxification and regulation of the gastrointestinal tract, with proper nourishment of cells and biochemical control of anxiety.Thus reinforcing the five foundations of Orthomolecular Nutrition: which is control of inflammation, regulate gastrointestinal scientific detoxification, strengthening cells and Orthomolecular control anxiety.

The programs are divided into soft and hard depending on the person and event and lasts one month, ie 4 weeks or 28 days. Very often chronic pathological health problems disappear, returns the ideal weight and the person is calm, energetic, fitness, strength, with beautiful youthful skin and tightening the body due to the disappearance of swelling and inflammation.

What do we do next?

The programs are repeated for months until the person's metabolism to adjust perfectly and become "Orthomolecular". In most cases 4 weeks suffice. But if there are chronic problems may take 2 to 3 months. When more serious pathological symptoms disappear then recommended Orthomolecular prevention and maintenance with specific combinations to ensure that our cells are washed and fed daily with the right nutrients.

What else is needed?

Right mindset (the glass is half full and not half empty), hydration with water Orthomolecular (remember that our body is 70% water), exercise and eating foods bio-regenerating, as mentioned in the book of George Minoudi "bible-Health Kedros " is all you need Nature to give us a lasting steely health. Be "Orthomolecular People". The definition of Orthomolecular man is that "It never gets sick, it's perfectly balanced mentally and physically, and living the fullest of his biological age as relatively young."

The importance of heredity and genetic predisposition.

Heredity is something we all have and can not change. Hereditary predisposition is not yet final. Progresses to disease through the disordered biochemistry of the cell. If the cells function properly does not evolve any predisposition to disease. Recent research in Sweden with 44,000 twins, who have identical genomes showed that the culture, lifestyle and diet are key factors in the onset of pathological symptoms or not. Also new dramatic investigations showed that the genome itself changes (and thus the inclination disappears) when changing the biochemistry of the cell. This was unknown until recently.

In conclusion.

Most people usually first decide and act impulsively and then think. To protect their health must think first and then act. We strongly believe in the sacred right of all people to enjoy high levels of psychosomatic health because it is a prerequisite for social cohesion and progress. The pathological symptoms are a modern form of slavery worse than any other form in human history. People who suffer can not think and act correctly. They make mistakes, paying dearly and have a very poor quality of life.

The only way to enhance a person's health is the right information to be able to make the right choices. It's the only way to really become a doctor himself. All of us in Orthomolecular Nutrition have a vision and a purpose. To provide scientific knowledge and information to continually upgrade the psychosomatic human health through natural means. Health begins in the mind!

The 5 Keys Orthomolecular

1. Mindset, diet and lifestyle.

We try to feed only organic, vegetarian food and drinking water Orthomolecular. Thus cells refreshed. Foods of animal origin, sugar, sweets, alcohol and crude chlorinated water, oxidize cells and destroy them. One day a week or every 10 days Makes fasting only with water or salads or fruits to soothe your body. Walk every day or as often as possible even a few kilometers. The exercise detoxifies and strengthens all the functions of the organization. Think optimistically and be kind and generous with yourself and with others. Whatever you give in universe will get it back.

2. The 4 body-guards.

Even if nourishes healthy research has shown that due to the depletion of subsoil in precious metals and minerals, digestive problems, absorption and metabolism and increased needs due to stress and environmental pollution most people are deficient in many molecules correctly. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, etc. If even one of them missing from the cells even one day they begin to oxidize and destroyed. With time begin to appear pathological problems. The Orthomolecular combinations prevention designed not to guess if nourishes our cells properly. Be sure. Taking daily Orthomolecular Products prevention shield our health with confidence. Why should we risk our health thinking that we get all the nutrients from diet alone?

3. Specialty products.

If we cover the daily nutritional needs of the body Orthomolecular with Orthomolecular combinations prevention build healthy cell and cell membranes. We can now add specific Orthomolecular products for as long as necessary. For additional power, control anxiety, beautiful skin, hair and nails, Orthomolecular safe and permanent weight loss. They will be much better and faster results in a detoxified and Orthomolecular reinforced body.

4. Detoxification and regulation of gastrointestinal system.

Once or twice a year no matter how well nourished, it is recommended to do a good detoxifying the liver, blood and colon and regulate the gastrointestinal system to "breathe" the body and improve digestion and absorption of food. There are special Orthomolecular programs for this purpose.

5. Personally Orthomolecular Nutrition Programs.

For serious medical problems or closer monitoring and support please visit a certified counselor Orthomolecular nutrition. It will help you make a more disguised Orthomolecular program and control potential food intolerances that bother you without knowing why create delayed allergies. These can occur several hours or even days after you ate the suspect food without knowing that it bothers you.

The 5 Orthomolecular Foundations

The 5 keys Orthomolecular build the 5 foundations of our health permitting continuous proper nutrition, detoxification and cell renewal of our organization by eliminating all the psychosomatic pathologies.

1. Controlling inflammation.

The infections that are not detected by routine medical examinations damage cells, tissues and organs and is the bridge between culture, diet, lifestyle and the appearance of diseases. Controlling them shield our health.

2. Scientific detoxification.

With proper body-detoxification we make it more alkaline, facilitate proper cellular function and upgrade our health, energy and wellbeing. The acidic bodies are those who get sick more often and are vulnerable to chronic degenerative diseases and cancers.

3. Setting the gastrointestinal system.

The proper functioning of the gastrointestinal is the foundation of health by strengthening the immune system and facilitating the digestion and absorption of vital nutrients. Many cases of anemia, osteoporosis and arthritic due to poor digestion and malabsorption of iron, calcium and magnesium. A filled of toxins, parasites and inflammatory bowel promotes rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal problems, allergies and autoimmune diseases.

4. Orthomolecular nutrition of cells.

Making sure that all of our cells have all the daily nutrients they need for their operations allow for continuous renewal and healthy cell membranes and making your invulnerable to infections, viruses and pathogens while facilitating the functioning of hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes. For example, many diabetic individuals may produce insulin but it can not pass the glucose molecule through the cellular membranes creating distorted insulin-resistance, or metabolic famous "Syndrome X".

5. The Orthomolecular control of anxiety.

Continued uncontrolled secretions 'stressful' hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol damage cells, tissues and organs, especially the heart. Many "sudden" deaths from heart attack and stroke happen due to these defects. The Orthomolecular cell renewal ensures a balanced secretion of these powerful biochemical substances and so the person substantially reduces damage and health risks of those stressors they face. Work, emotionally, financially and so on. Because the pressure-stress feels someone is not due to stressors but the body's ability to treat them balanced.


Many people feel unnatural to nourish with pills and capsules and they are right. But it is unnatural and sick due to malnutrition and cellular intoxication due to the toxic and stressful modern storm we unleash ourselves. So it makes more sense to "eat" the Orthomolecular capsules and tablets that know exactly what they contain and fill with food we do not know. We do this every day and do not stop to "rest" for the agency or not "addictive" as often heard it said. As addicted to the water we drink and the air we breathe equally addicted and Orthomolecular products. Without them our cells wear out and destroyed.

Why only Orthomolecular Products?

Only Orthomolecular products are designed to be absorbed and metabolized quickly and easily inside cells. This is called bio-availability. The simple manufactured supplements must pass many stages as metabolizable to form nutrients present in food to be absorbed and metabolized in intestinal cells. This is not always easy to do and many are expelled from the body through urine unused at great cost to the consumer.

Knowledge is power

In Orthomolecular Nutrition believe in fair and honest reporting of the individual so that the same can decide what he wants to do with his health. The Orthomolecular products complement and integrate the benefits of making positive changes in one's life. Quite simply, the more radical the changes are fewer Orthomolecular product needs. The less change toxic habits, the more Orthomolecular products should be used to regulate our metabolism, balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, detoxify and nourish our cells Orthomolecular. It's so simple.

What else can we do

It has been shown that the body works in cycles of 28 days to balance certain biochemical and biological functions in. If you follow the Orthomolecular Nutrition for 4 weeks (28 days) you will make great progress on upgrading your health. Then you can share your experience with others and help them and they become "Orthomolecular" people.

The Orthomolecular Nutrition in practice

A friend of mine had severe pain in her left leg for years and was about to make an endless series of tests, CT, MRI and go for surgery as advised by the doctors. This is apart from the hassle and inconclusive results imply large cost thousands of euros. She decided to take Orthomolecular combination of prevention and within one week the pain disappeared, the energy grew and she feels like "flies". Now she spread the Orthomolecular Nutrition in those who listen. If you follow the example and upgrade your health as have thousands of people, spread it to the word now. It's good to share good things with others. So just all go ahead.